Waterford Hills–Doing our drivers schools safely

Right now, our June 19 Waterford Hills drivers school is still a go. Obviously, this school will not be normal. However, through years of experience with our fabulous, sensible, flexible, and caring instructor cadre and our wonderful students, we are confident we can pull it off.

There are still many open issues we have yet to resolve for a drivers school. Those include:

  • Safety during onsite registration at the track.
  • Laying out where and how meetings and classes are held.
  • How to ensure safety and sanitation requirements in communication between instructors and students on-track.
  • Defining what social distancing looks like in the paddock.
  • Policies to absolutely minimize or preclude non-participants and guests at the event, to reduce the chance of accidental exposure or contagion.

Rest assured our drivers school folks are looking at these issues closely. Our first priority at any drivers school is your safety–and these days that includes steps to protect us all from Covid-19.