Waterford Hills is a go!

We’re back on the track at Waterford Hills on June 19!

We’re pleased to announce that our Friday, June 19, one-day drivers school at the fabulous Waterford Hills Road Racing course is a go! OK, like just about everything these days, the school is subject to further action by the government, etc., but we hope to be able to run this school, and we hope you can join us. Plus, it’s risk-free—if we have to cancel the school, your fees will be refunded in full.

And it will be an interesting school, with no in-car instruction. We didn’t think our instructors and students would be comfortable with in-car instruction (disinfecting cars, wearing masks, sharing communicators, blah, blah, blah), so we’ve worked out a different system. And there are only three run groups, so everyone gets a ton of track time: 

  • An advanced/A Solo/instructor group, limited to instructors, previously-approved A Solo drivers, and advanced drivers vetted by our chief instructor to run solo at this school.
  • An intermediate group, driving in small lead/follow groupings at speed, with all students again vetted by our chief instructor to run at this school.
  • A “Taste of the Track” group, for those who’d like to see what track driving is like, driving in small lead/follow groupings, at moderate speeds, no helmets, no pre-event tech inspection needed. SAV’s welcome! We wanted this to be an easy and entertaining introduction to the track, so it’s afternoon only, but you still will have a full hour of time on the track. 

The advanced and intermediate groups are only $150 for members. Better yet, the Taste of the Track group is only $50. How awesome is that?

Registration is through Motorsportreg.com. If you’re not an instructor or pre-approved A Solo driver, please contact Ken Rutyna, our chief instructor, at 586-909-2903 or at krutyna@ktg-corp.com before you register for the advanced or intermediate groups.

Because we have only three run groups and we’re keeping them small, we expect this school to fill up fast. So head on over to Motorsportreg.com and sign up today.

We are grateful to Erhard BMW for their sponsorship of this school!

Erhard BMW of Bloomfield

Erhard BMW of Farmington Hills

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