Waterford Hills registration update

Our new Taste of the Track run group is full and has been waitlisted. If you’re interested in this group, you can still sign up, and you may still have a spot if an earlier sign-up decides to cancel.

Our Intermediate and Advanced/A Solo/Instructor groups each have only a couple of spots left. If you’re interested in either of these groups, you should sign up now to be assured of getting a spot (and again, we’ll waitlist these once they fill up).

For those of you who have signed up, or want to sign up, for Intermediate or Advanced/A Solo/Instructor: Keep in mind that we can’t do in-car instruction, so the Intermediate run group is limited to nine students and will be run with lead-follow instruction. The Advanced/A Solo/Instruction has more capacity, but requires an advanced level of experience. If you’re not already an Instructor or pre-approved A Solo driver, be sure to contact Ken Rutyna, our Chief Instructor, if you have asked or plan to ask to be in either of these groups. If you haven’t already spoken to Ken, you can reach him at 586-909-2903 or krutyna@ktg-corp.com.

And thanks to everyone for your interest in this school. It’s been a challenge to organize it, but we’re gratified by your response. And it will be a great school!

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