Where have all our social events gone?

When we published our “2020 Final Edition” of the MotorCity Courier, we included our 2020 Tentative Schedule. It was full of social events. And then, on March 4, we had our “pop-up” social event at Maverick’s in Canton. Looking at the photo, it’s hard to believe there was actually a time we could get together, on a few days’ notice, eat and talk, and talk and eat, and generally have a good time without worrying about whether we were infecting each other.

Since then, we’ve had to cancel or postpone event after event. Of course, we’re not alone. Many other events, including most automotive events, like the Grand Prix, EyesOn Design, the Concours, DeutschMarques, etc., etc. have been cancelled–or, maybe euphemistically, “postponed” to 2021.

We have managed to keep our two driving schools on the schedule. Our June 19 drivers school at Waterford Hills, sponsored by Erhard BMW of Bloomfield and Erhard BMW of Farmington Hills, is actually sold out. We’re pleased to have been able to work out a way to put on the school, and we’re grateful to our members for signing up and to Erhard for the sponsorship. And our September 18-20 drivers school is definitely on the schedule. Registration for that school is open at Motorsportreg.com.

Like most everyone else, we’re taking things day-by-day. We’ve tried to keep you informed, by our Facebook page and this website, of cancellations and postponements. We’re always looking at opportunities to keep an event on the schedule, or propose a new event, or do a pop-up, somehow. And if you have a suggestion, let us know, with a comment here or on our Facebook page, or an email. Someday soon, we will get back to some sort of normal.

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