Grattan is less than two months away! How we’ll instruct.

That’s right, we’re getting ready for our fabulous three-day driving weekend at Grattan Raceway on September 18-20! Great weather, tons of driving time, wonderful people. You can sign up at

And, as to how we’ll instruct, well, the truth is, we don’t know yet.

As a chapter of the BMW CCA, we follow their guidance on holding events. Right now, they tell us we can do in-car instruction so long as we follow all local health and safety rules and regulations. But we understand the BMW CCA National Board is considering stricter rules that could in effect prohibit in-car instruction by the time we get to Grattan. Makes it a little difficult to plan.

But we have a plan. Or, actually, two plans.

If we’re permitted to do in-car instruction, we will. We’ll focus in-car instruction on our novice and intermediate groups. A Solo students and approved Advanced students will generally run without in-car instruction so that we have sufficient instructors for novice and intermediate students. Students (and instructors who give rides to their students) will be asked to disinfect the “touch” surfaces of their interiors regularly during the weekend. Both students and instructors must wear masks, including in the car. (For this, we may require that both students and instructors bring balaclavas or head socks that cover both the nose and mouth under the helmet. You should probably be doing this anyway. Keeps the helmet fresher!) Instructors will have to have a separate communicator earpiece for each student, which the student will keep all weekend.

If we’re not permitted to do in-car instruction, we’ll run Grattan like we ran Waterford Hills. Advanced and A Solo students will run without in-car instruction. Intermediate students will run in lead-follow groupings with at most two cars to a group. We won’t be able to run a traditional novice group, but we’ll try to do one or two Taste of the Track groups—lead-follow at moderate speeds, no helmets, only $50, and lots of fun. We’d be disappointed not to run a traditional novice group, because we really believe in good novice driver training—and we’re good at it—but that’s the way it goes. It worked great at Waterford. We’ll make it work great at Grattan, too. And, as at Waterford, you’ll have a ton of track time.

Under either plan, we’ll ask all attendees to do social distancing while at the track and to bring hand sanitizer and masks and wear the masks anytime they’re away from their parking spaces or garage. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer water or our usual great Saturday banquet, so we’ll also ask all attendees to bring their own food and plenty of water or other drinks. Classroom will be more abbreviated than usual and will be held outdoors, and we’ll distribute class material online ahead of the school.

So sign up today at As at Waterford, it’s no-risk. If for some reason we can’t run the school at all (which we don’t expect), you get your money back. If you sign up for the novice group and we’re not able to run it, you get your money back (or you can move to the Taste of the Track group if you like, and get most of your money back). If you come down with Covid-19 the day before the school and have to withdraw, you get your money back. Petty simple. See you at the track.

3 thoughts on “Grattan is less than two months away! How we’ll instruct.”

  1. Just saw that Buckeye has decided not to do any in-car instruction at its Aug 21-23 school at Mid-Ohio. No novice group, lead-follow in intermediate group.

    1. Where did you see this? Last I heard they were doing in-car instruction.

      Will be there either way, just curious where you got the info from 🙂

      1. Right, I don’t think it was clear from their Motorsportreg site, but they posted the info on the Buckeye Chapter Facebook page a week or two ago. No ITS either. But there will be a Saturday banquet! See you there.

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